Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who I Want to Be

Note...these are likely to get shorter, because the novelty is wearing off.

10. I hope that I can be the kind of woman my Grandmom was.

While many amazing Christian women have influence my life, I look up to my Grandmom the most. She loved people and Christ in a way that I just can't comprehend. She never put herself before other people even toward the end of her life when she was really sick. That's not to say she let herself be walked upon, she often insisted she get her way. I remember once when I was a kid my older cousin and his friend helped move a couch into my Grandmom's apartment. She wanted to give them money as a thank you so they could go out to eat or something afterward. They both insisted that it was unnecessary, but Grandmom insisted more and they finally took money. Only my cousin slipped the money back into her purse when she wasn't looking. Except, Grandmom was much too clever for that trick; she saw the money and as she hugged my cousin good bye she managed to put the money in his back pocket without him ever realizing it. She was also a very competitive game player, I don't ever remember her letting me win as a kid.

I always felt loved by my Grandmom and I know that she had that same impact on others. I've gone back to the church my mom grew up in a couple times since moving to MN and people still tell me amazing stories about her. I see this same capacity to care for other people in my mom. I hope that, like my mom and Grandmom, I become the type of woman that shows people who Christ is by the way that I live and treat others.

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