Sunday, May 17, 2009


This post has been a long time coming. Sorry

A few weeks ago I mentioned on fb that I had the most nerdy law school moment ever. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or C-Tom as I like to call him, visited my law school back in April. A supreme court justice walking the halls of a law school can be compared to the Jonas Brothers showing up for lunch at a junior high. We're talking crowds of people blocking hallways so that they can stay within earshot without getting too close, security guards, and professors who can't figure out what all the fuss is about. If you're wondering why I waited so long to post about this it's because I was waiting for this to come in the mail:

Me and Randi's 8x10 pic with C-Tom, which will look awesome on my wall at work (and totally put the picture of Walter Mondale one of the attorney's has to shame). I haven't taken it to work yet, so for now it is nicely complementing my Justice Scalia bobble head on my shelf in my room.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why Didn't I take Pictures?

Tonight me and the other law school Molly fulfilled our semester long dream of hosting a hot dish party. I made tater-tot hot dish using a recipe from the Minnesota Winter Festival's Hot Dish Tent and other Molly made a hot dish from what is becoming one of my favorite cookbooks, Hot Dish Heaven. Hot Dish Heaven was written by Ann Burckhardt, which is only funny because there is a prof at law school whose name is Ann Burkhart and she would totally be the type to make hot dish. She recently auctioned off her help with drafting a will for a school fundraiser, which I did not bid on. However, if she had auctioned off a night of hot dish making I totally would have bid on her. I digress. Molly and I asked people to bring either bars or a salad as defined by Minnesotans (In Minnesota a salad is pretty much any mixture of ingredients served cold. See Frog Eye Salad, Seven Layer Salad, Broccoli Salad.) While I am very grateful for those who brought food, they did not so much catch the vision Molly and I had. We got one real salad, several non-bar desserts, and orange juice. Still, hot dish night was definitely a success, I only wish that I had taken pictures.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Jesus,

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for summer and nights when it's just beginning to get dark at 9pm and warmth and stars. Thank you for worship and peace and joy. Thank you for prayer and listening. Thank you for your Spirit, for your healing. God, thank you for your grace, for loving me and teaching me to extend grace to myself.

Chair Races

In the last 4 days I have taken 3 finals. Luckily I have almost a whole week before my next one and then it's summer! I whine about how stressful law school is a lot, so rather than focusing on that I have a story about how law school can be awesome... even during finals.

Law school has turned me into an old person and generally speaking I prefer to be in my bed by 10pm and asleep by 11pm on weeknights. Law school is the last place I want to be at midnight, and yet that's exactly where I was on Tuesday night. Luckily I was not there studying or citechecking (THANK GOODNESS). Christine and I showed up to watch several of our friends make fools of themselves and disrupt the entire library during finals in the middle of the night (and I thought I was being a rebel by wearing my flipflops). An epic rolly-chair race from one corner of the library to the other and back. Awesomeness...