Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why Didn't I take Pictures?

Tonight me and the other law school Molly fulfilled our semester long dream of hosting a hot dish party. I made tater-tot hot dish using a recipe from the Minnesota Winter Festival's Hot Dish Tent and other Molly made a hot dish from what is becoming one of my favorite cookbooks, Hot Dish Heaven. Hot Dish Heaven was written by Ann Burckhardt, which is only funny because there is a prof at law school whose name is Ann Burkhart and she would totally be the type to make hot dish. She recently auctioned off her help with drafting a will for a school fundraiser, which I did not bid on. However, if she had auctioned off a night of hot dish making I totally would have bid on her. I digress. Molly and I asked people to bring either bars or a salad as defined by Minnesotans (In Minnesota a salad is pretty much any mixture of ingredients served cold. See Frog Eye Salad, Seven Layer Salad, Broccoli Salad.) While I am very grateful for those who brought food, they did not so much catch the vision Molly and I had. We got one real salad, several non-bar desserts, and orange juice. Still, hot dish night was definitely a success, I only wish that I had taken pictures.

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