Saturday, June 27, 2009


Molly: Hey roommie, wanna walk 1 and a 1/2 miles to get ice cream cones?

Roommie: Sure.

Random Dad at Dairy Queen Talking to his Kids: Hurry up and eat your ice cream, it's going to rain.

Molly: Think it's going to rain?

Roommie: Nah. Look there's a patch of blue sky coming toward us.

Random Dad: It's going to rain.

* About 1/4 of the way home.*

Roommie: Uh-oh.

Molly: I guess wearing this white shirt was a bad idea.

P.S. Dons this would make a good comic. I promise.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Since moving into my house last August I've been looking forward to this summer. By moving in at the end of the summer I missed an entire season of fresh strawberries grown in our backyard in a small, rather unkempt, patch.

Our little strawberry patch was struck by a tragedy in late May, when just after flowering, the man who lives in the other half of our duplex MOWED OVER THE STRAWBERRY PATCH! Luckily most of the plants along the wall survived, and though I wonder what it could have been like if we had all the plants (sigh), I'm grateful for what I have.

So, as soon as I saw this recipe for strawberries and dumplings on my favorite foodie blog I new I had to make it. After a long weekend of grading petitions, Sunday evening was the perfect time to try it out.

Note the bright green walls, the strawberry picture, and the red accents...this kitchen was made for this dish.

I only wanted to make one serving (probably more like one and a half) so I just kind of guesstimated on the proportions for everything, but basically followed the recipe from the blog. I used half normal white sugar and half brown sugar though (per the bloggers suggestion).

I also didn't have any whole milk or heavy cream, I did however have half & half (mmm coffee!). I just cut it with a little bit of water for the dumpling dough. I totally improvised for the heavy cream though, I mixed half & half with some non-fat vanilla yogurt (from TJ's :) ) and stuck it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Delish!

I don't think words can really explain how good this was. Tart (with an added kick from the yogurt), dumpling-y, warm, gooey, goodness...yep that's it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Confession: I read mom blogs. Not sad depressing ones about spouses dieing and babies being sick *cough*randi*cough*, but funny and/or thoughtful ones just about raising kids in general.

So one of these mom blogs posted the other day about a somewhat non-mom thing. Apparently there's this program called Freedom that basically keeps you from connecting to your email, facebook, and other generally distracting internet things (it's only for Macs).

I don't think this sort of program sounds like "Freedom" at all. (1) Something that is restricting is not freeing... just doesn't work. (2) I experience freedom from working by checking email, going on facebook, and gchat. (3) During law school exams we use this program called ExamSoft that blocks you from doing anything on your computer, but taking your test. Finals are the furthest thing from freedom, any program that is that similar to Examsoft should not be called Freedom.

I'm not saying the program isn't worthwhile, I just think it's a bad name. Basically I've concluded this program should be called "Get Work Done."

Monday, June 8, 2009


Tonight I'm driving "up North" to "the lake" to spend the week with my Aunt, Uncle, their kids, and their grandkids. I'm driving up kind of late and my Aunt told me to watch out for deer. So now I'm freaking out. How does one watch out for deer? It seems like one of those things where if a deer is going to run out into the middle of the road you're going to hit it. The end. I don't really see how watching out is going to help much. Maybe watching out means stress and be paranoid, in that case I'm totally watching out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shark Boy

I picked up a job this summer teaching swimming lessons. So far I love it, but I've just been training. I don't start actually teaching until Monday. The kids are hilarious, so I'll try to keep you all informed of all the funny things that happen to me in the course of this job.

For starters, there's this kid, who I'll call Shark Boy because he wears goggles that look like a shark mouth and he thinks they give him super human powers to swim extra fast....anyway you can totally tell he's the type of kid that just soaks up a ton of information and will tell it to anyone who will listen. Today he told me that this week he saw Jesus turn into a tree. Kid's theology is obviously way off.

In other non-swimming news I have to make an appointment with an orthodontist. What self-respecting 23 year old still goes to the orthodontist? Ugh...