Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Confession: I read mom blogs. Not sad depressing ones about spouses dieing and babies being sick *cough*randi*cough*, but funny and/or thoughtful ones just about raising kids in general.

So one of these mom blogs posted the other day about a somewhat non-mom thing. Apparently there's this program called Freedom that basically keeps you from connecting to your email, facebook, and other generally distracting internet things (it's only for Macs).

I don't think this sort of program sounds like "Freedom" at all. (1) Something that is restricting is not freeing... just doesn't work. (2) I experience freedom from working by checking email, going on facebook, and gchat. (3) During law school exams we use this program called ExamSoft that blocks you from doing anything on your computer, but taking your test. Finals are the furthest thing from freedom, any program that is that similar to Examsoft should not be called Freedom.

I'm not saying the program isn't worthwhile, I just think it's a bad name. Basically I've concluded this program should be called "Get Work Done."

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cinr said...

it is freeing you from distractions, actually i need something like that right now