Monday, August 25, 2008

A How To

This is pretty stinkin' awesome.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mark All as Read

Should I be ashamed that after neglecting google reader all weekend I skimmed all the headlines for Oddly Enough before clicking "mark all as read" for my news folder to get rid of all those unread CNN and NY Times headlines?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Ideal Saturday

After a heinously stressful week I was extremely blessed by a fabulous weekend. I went to La Madeleine, one of my favorite DC area cafes, conveniently located just blocks away from my hotel. Though I don't intend to give a full commentary on the food, I will say that I reluctantly passed up a chocolate almond croissant because I was craving something savory. While I very much enjoyed my Florentine Quiche and thought that it provided a great balance to my latte, I still bought a croissant as I left so I could enjoy it later (which I did!).

This brings me to my second favorite part of my morning (note: coffee and food = first favorite part), my trashy chick-lit book. It's the sort of book that as a law student I probably shouldn't be reading (The Economist or The Bluebook would be more appropriate leisure reading). I'm fairly certain - make that definitely certain - that reading this sort of book kills brain cells, but none the less it goes well with a cup of coffee and occasional breaks for people watching.

I think my "like" (I'm not ready to call it love) for this sort of book started with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and to be honest I try to keep this indulgence at a minimum. However, after finishing both books I brought with me I had no other choice but to buy another book. The book Something Borrowed, and the books that follow it in the series, came highly recommended by a great friend. Basically, I've decided that I'm totally justified in reading these books because they are about a 30 year old lawyer who hates her job in a big firm and with OCI right around the corner this book is keeping my competitive spirit in check. Be forewarned, essentially the plot of the book is the protagonist justifying her affair with her BFF's fiancé. The book is lacking in sound morals, but is entertaining and throws around legal jargon (which makes me feel smart).

While my morning of drinking coffee and reading chick-lit was not the end of my fabulous Saturday, it reminded me how much I love simple mornings with nothing to do.

Friday, August 1, 2008


It's been a busy past couple weeks and eventually I plan on writing a post about my adventures which will include pictures.

For now I just wanted to say that grant reviewing is not much fun, but it comes with its perks. While a bright blue tote bag with a government logo is nice, my favorite "extras" for this review have been:

1. Doubletree cookies (They'll give you another one if you ask politely at the front desk.)


2. Doubletree pens (I've been hoarding them like a crazy person, but I will have enough to last me all year and then some!)