Friday, June 5, 2009

Shark Boy

I picked up a job this summer teaching swimming lessons. So far I love it, but I've just been training. I don't start actually teaching until Monday. The kids are hilarious, so I'll try to keep you all informed of all the funny things that happen to me in the course of this job.

For starters, there's this kid, who I'll call Shark Boy because he wears goggles that look like a shark mouth and he thinks they give him super human powers to swim extra fast....anyway you can totally tell he's the type of kid that just soaks up a ton of information and will tell it to anyone who will listen. Today he told me that this week he saw Jesus turn into a tree. Kid's theology is obviously way off.

In other non-swimming news I have to make an appointment with an orthodontist. What self-respecting 23 year old still goes to the orthodontist? Ugh...

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cinr said...

Shark Boy from the movie now plays Jacob Black who turns into a werewolf...kind of relates, maybe?