Sunday, May 17, 2009


This post has been a long time coming. Sorry

A few weeks ago I mentioned on fb that I had the most nerdy law school moment ever. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or C-Tom as I like to call him, visited my law school back in April. A supreme court justice walking the halls of a law school can be compared to the Jonas Brothers showing up for lunch at a junior high. We're talking crowds of people blocking hallways so that they can stay within earshot without getting too close, security guards, and professors who can't figure out what all the fuss is about. If you're wondering why I waited so long to post about this it's because I was waiting for this to come in the mail:

Me and Randi's 8x10 pic with C-Tom, which will look awesome on my wall at work (and totally put the picture of Walter Mondale one of the attorney's has to shame). I haven't taken it to work yet, so for now it is nicely complementing my Justice Scalia bobble head on my shelf in my room.


cinr said...

i'm glad you used the jbros analogy because now i can truly understand your excitement. WOOHOO!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the added material I am collecting...entitled "why molly is a nerd". :) I looove youuu

Amanda said...

Did I ever tell you about this guy that used to come into the library all the time whose name was Steven always made me giggle a little