Friday, February 6, 2009

Choo! Choo!

5. I love playing Train with my family!

Everyone in my family is really different, so finding things that we can do as a family can be kind of difficult. Still, every time I go home, I know that one night after dinner we're going to play train ...even Billy. It's great family bonding time and the way each of us plays says a lot about our personalities. My dad refuses to set up a train before he starts playing and tries to rush everyone else into taking their turn. My mom takes FOREVER (like days...and the game is already really long so it's kind of maddening) to set up her train and take every turn. Jackie is sneaky, she likes messing people up and laying down doubles without covering them or right before she goes out. And she will always catch it if you don't say "choo!choo!" when you're down to one domino. Billy simply tolerates the game. I don't know how I play, you'd have to ask my family. Maybe my thing is just that I analyze how everyone else is playing and adjust my playing as necessary (I also try to set my tiles up so they can't tell when I have a double coming up or how long my train is...but shhh don't tell them my strategy :) ).

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