Tuesday, February 10, 2009


9. I heart coffee.

Yeah, I think this one is given. I just decided to mention it because today one of my law school friends made fun of me because so many of my Berkeley friends tag me in random pictures of coffee or coffee related things. One of the things I miss about Berkeley (I could start a list of 25 things I miss about Berk) is the cafes...but not Milano (or being forced to go there by people that didn't understand the icky-ness that is Milano coffee). I have found some great coffee shops in MN, but nothing really compares to the Far-Away-Starbucks (that is no more) and Strada.


cinr said...

i heart coffee too.

Stephanie said...

a) Milano is SICK and I can't believe it's still in business

b) faraway Starbucks is amazing and I can't believe it's not in business anymore

c) Strada is having this 20th anniversary free giving away coffee drinks day!! (look it up on facebook) I hate not being in Berkeley.

d) i love coffee and molly