Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Most people already know this...

2. I'm deaf in my left ear and I don't mind being made fun of for it.

My favorite jab ever was one night when I went out to Skates with a bunch of Berkeley friends for happy hour. Joey and I were joking around and, as is typical of Joey, he was being mean to me. I told him I couldn't hear him because he was on my deaf side; to which Joey responded "Well, you're on my angry drunk side." I think it's one of those random quirks I have and I'm glad that there are people out there who know me well enough to feel comfortable poking fun at me. However, I know that someone is truly a good friend when they remember to walk on my good side or automatically give me the spot at the table that will allow me to interact with the most people.

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Emily said...

Sometimes when I'm walking with friends here I awkwardly move to their right side, just because I'm used to it.