Monday, February 2, 2009

Things About Me

So, everyone and their mom have been posting notes on facebook titled "25 Random Things About Me" (or some variation of that). I am taking the position that this is both stupid/annoying and entertaining/insightful. Mostly, I just don't like getting a bajillion emails telling me that a) I have been tagged in a note and b) 9 million people have commented on it. I do however, enjoy learning stuff about my friends and being reminded of funny things I already know. So, in an effort to both protest facebook notes and participate in building friendships I am going to use the month of Febuary to post 25 things about myself.

Originally I was going to post 28 things and commit to posting every day in Febuary. Randi told me that there was no way I would be able to post that often, which I took as a challenge and immediately swore I would prove her wrong. Well...Febuary 1st was yesterday, and I didn't post, so whatever, Randi wins. Still, Dave pointed out that I could stick with the 25 things and give myself 3 freebees, so that's the new plan of action. So with out further ado:

1. I sleep with all of my closet doors (I have 2 closets) closed, no matter what, but during the day my closet doors are usually open. I also used to sleep with the opening of my pillow case to the right, but in an effort to be less neurotic I've tried to let that go.

To be honest, I don't even know how this started. As a kid I had a hard time falling asleep, and I think I just came up with this whole set of rituals to distract me. I also will sleep under a comfortor or heavy blanket no matter how hot it is. I figure if someone were to sneak into my room to kidnap me (improbable part one) I'd wake up when they took my cover off (improbable part two) know so I could defend myself (improbable part three). Yeah, it's irrational.


cinr said...

haha...1 point Randi

Digsy said...

ocd. not kidding.