Tuesday, February 24, 2009

word to your mother

18. I am a mama's girl.

I mentioned at some point (10) that my Grandmom is the woman I most want to be like, and in that post I mentioned my mom. Basically, she's awesome. I figured she deserved her own number though.

Today in the mail I received a random tax paper that included an unnecessarily long note letting me know that I am loved and being prayed for daily. My mom shows me on a daily basis what it means to love God and love people, and I'm so grateful for who she's been in my life. She'll listen to me talk about nothing for way longer than she should. She does not get impatient with me even though I often do with her. She is the mediator and the de-escalator of situations in my family. She lets me know all the time that I am missed, but has also given me the freedom to move away and grow up without making me feel guilty. I love her.

PS I am lame and way behind on this, but my life is a bit more than busy right now...dealing.

PPS I definitely referenced Vanilla Ice in my title. I listened to Ice Ice, Baby for the first time in several months today, which reignited my love of the song and it's awesomeness.

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Emily said...

That's funny, my mom also shows her love for me by sending me random mail. Except it doesn't contain notes. Most recent example: a copy of a brochure about what kinds of sushi are environmentally friendly, printed on scratch paper with 4th grade math problems on the back. That's it. No explanation.