Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't You Wish Your Law School Friends Were Cool Like Mine?

I received one of the most amazing and unique Christmas presents ever this year from my law school friend Dave. He made Me, Randi, and Bri Lego scenes(?). Rather than writing about them, I'll just show pictures.

This is Me, Randi, and Bri. My Lego thing is a coffee shop, Randi's is a court room, and Bri's is a bar, with a stripper pole. I like how I'm literally glowing in this pic. We're going to put these on our desks at work.

This is a close up of me in my coffee shop. Note: it's a corner (pretty sure you didn't remember that off hand and got it off of fb Dave), pink coffee mug, shutters, handmade lego chair, brief case (that opens) for lappy, smooth floors, and fancy lamp (doesn't turn on). Dave was going to put a plant in the corner, but was apparently out of plant legos. If it was the thought that counted this wouldn't matter....bummer.

This is a dorky pic of Dave, who if he ever reads this, will probably kill me for posting this pic. He's using his lego mug that Randi and I got him for his B-day last year in the law school library. Dave hearts legos (though I doubt he would use that phrase). I don't know if this is a fair introduction of him onto the blog. He's way cooler than this makes him out to be, and he obviously gives great Christmas presents.


Erin said...

that is AMAZING!!! i think that pink mug is the "perfect" mug!

Randi said...

He really does get kudos for the incredible Christmas presents and you get kudos for the great blog post. Have a safe flight! See you in a couple weeks!!

Amanda S. said...

That is SO creative. I love it. Heh, I always do a Secret Santa exchange with a bunch of my friends from high school, and one guy asked for a Lego kit this year, because it was always the gift that brought him the most joy when he was a kid. Man, now I feel like playing with Legos!

Dave said...

omg, molly, why THAT picture of me!!!! and i will get you a plant when i get a few soon.