Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Diagnosis

So a funny thing happens when you go to law school…it takes over your life. Not in the "I'm so busy with all my fun extracurriculars and meeting my friends to hangout" sort of way that college takes over your life. I have literally caught myself considering not showering because it would take away from study time (I admit at times in college showering took a back seat to things like sleep…but studying, NEVER). This sort of life makes developing friendships kind of difficult, and not just because I smell from not showering (note: I shower at least every other day and I do not actually smell). It sucks when you start weighing the benefit of getting to know someone over coffee with the amount of time it will take from your study schedule.

So, once you get past the fact that 1 hour less of studying will not kill you (and realize that you spend more than an hour doing other pointless things that kept you from studying but you aren't trying to cut that stuff out), you start hanging out with law students. All law students talk about is law school. I think that most law students would agree that this is horribly annoying and yet we cannot stop ourselves!

While having a conversation with a bunch of law students about law school someone made a really funny joke. Now, the only reason the joke was funny is because we're law students. Then someone made the comment that over winter break they realized that "real people" don't think law school jokes are funny. For example:

Hypo: Friend trips on a crack as you're walking down the street everyone laughs.

Law Student 1: haha, you totally have a tort against the city.

Everyone else: ignores comment

Law Student 2 (if you're lucky enough to have 2 law student friends): A reasonable person would have been watching where they were going.

Law Student 1 and 2: laughing

Everyone else: having a different conversation

Get it? Yeah, not funny right (and there was a joke within the joke if you caught it…no…okay), but your average law student would totally respond this way to this situation. Then one of the other guys I was with told us what was wrong with us: law school tourette's. So, now that I have a diagnosis, please forgive me (and any of your other law student friends) for saying things that are not relevant and not funny. I'm working on finding a cure.


Emily said...

hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha! I laughed out loud at the fact that you called it "hypo." It's true! It's so sad!

Amanda S. said...

Oh, wow! I've totally been making ridiculous puns for years that only English majors truly appreciate... I'll fit right in at law school! (I hope my naive enthusiasm doesn't sicken you too much as a jaded 1L.)

Erin said...

if you want to escape your law-ness, just call me. i'll snap you back to reality ;)