Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy First Week of School to Me!

I was picking up some school supplies when I came upon this:

The Post-it flag, highlighter, AND pen has arrived! Additionally, they are sparkly and come in 3 colors. Pretty much made my day!

I do however, have a few criticisms. I don't know about this two-lid action that's going on. I'm worried about losing the post-it flags/pen lid. Also the post-it/highlighter/pen does not have that fancy turning mechanism that keeps your flags tucked away while not in use. The flags could potentially be pulled out while rolling around in my backpack. Lastly, these post-it/highlighter/pens are not as sleek as their post-it highlighter predecessor. While I may appreciate the sparkles, it screams pre-teen adolescent girl, and 12 year olds have no use for post-it flags or highlighters. 3M should have designed the pen with law students in mind. This is sure to be the next hot give away item at job fairs (since most law students don't buy their office supplies and this is an opportunity to scoop up 3 different supplies at once), but all those sparkles will distract from law firm logos.


Lisa said...

hahaha nice.

Amanda S. said...

My favorite part of this post is that you marked "office supplies" as one of the tags, as though you anticipate posting on this topic semi-regularly. I sincerely hope that you do not disappoint!

Anonymous said...

no freaking way.

cinr said...

i saw these when i was shopping for school supplies! how sad is it that i am not in school but i am still shopping for school supplies? it is just so fun i can't stop